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Debate Sports with SoUneque Magazine!

Debating Sports with Kriebel & Weaver

July 28, 2022

T-Ro has just introduced Debating Sports with SoUneque Magazine to her readers with some help from Eric Kriebel & Rasaan Weaver. The recorded segments focused on topics relating to highlights in todays sports while also focusing on content that occured in the past but is still relevant to the here and now.

Kriebel has a photographic memory when its comes to the history of sports so he's able to retrieve sports data from the back of his mind to help back up any argument that he has on a particular subject. Weaver helps you envision the pros and cons of any sports topic while remaining entertainingly neutral at all times. It was an absolute pleasure debating sports with Kriebel and Weaver! Stay tuned for the next debate!

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